Three artificial grass courts and three hard courts. The tennis courts are located next to the beach and are full of a resort atmosphere. On the natural grass ground, you can enjoy ground golf, soccer, and other sports.



GYM & Pool



  • Kenmin-no-hama(Civic Beach)

    Ooura7605 Kamagari-cho, Kure-shi, Hiroshima
    TEL 0823-66-1177
    FAX 0823-66-1173

  • By bus

    <From Hiro Station>

    Hiro Station → Einou Center (Agricultural Center)

    See Setouchi Sanko HP

    <From Hiroshima Bus Center>

    (bound for Okitomo Tenmangu Shrine)
     Hiroshima Bus Center → KureStation⑦ → Koigahama

        10:03      10:52       11:52

                 11:52       12:52

                 17:34        18:34

        17:35      18:24       19:24
     ※Approximately a 15-minute walk from Koigahama.

    By car

    <From Hiroshima City (approx. 80 min.) >

    Clairline Kure I.C. →(National Route 185)→Agei-nada Bridge (toll)→(Prefectural Route 74)→Kamakari Bridge→(Prefectural Route 287)→Kenmin-no-hama (Civic Beach)

    <From Sanyo Expressway (approx. 70 min.)>

    Sanyo Expressway Takaya I.C. → (Higashi-Hiroshima-Kure Expressway) → Aga I.C. → (Route 185) → Aki-Nada Ohashi Bridge (toll) → (Prefectural Route 74) → Kamakari Ohashi Bridge → (Prefectural Route 287) → Kenmin-no-hama (Civic Beach)

    <From Shikoku (Okamura Port): approx. 25 min.>

    From Shikoku, take the ferry to Okamura Port →Tobishimakaido via Prefectural Route 287 →Kenmin-no-hama (Civic Beach)

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